Why Does America Fight Innovation But Supports Big Business

Where are the flying car?

Did you know that the first electric car was invented in 1832. Obviously this model was not very functional but the concept was there. Inventors were able to remake the car until it was more useable however wide spread electricity was still catching up making gas cars the prime choice. As time pasted, the U.S. has been able to put electricity in almost every home making it much more reasonable for the electric car to finally make its début. What a great step forward especially since this was around the time that gas prices were sky high and concerns on global warming are finally being recognized as a serious problem. So how come it is 2018 and only 3% of cars sold are electric? Why is this happening, because the Gas companies completed destroy the electric car industry.

In the 2000’s General Motors released there line of electric cars. However, the company decided in 2003 to take away every electric car that they had ever made and even made the statement that there was no market for these car so they took back every single model. So why did they do it? Because they knew that if the car was to become popular the sales would rival gas cars. The moment the gas and car companies killed the buying of the electric car they stop the possibilities of innovation. Gas is not a renewable resource and one day we will run out. Depending on a source of energy that is not reusable is setting up the nation to fail especially when that main resource involves transportation. Not only that but with time new ways of transportation would come to light that may finally bring us to the flying cars we were suppose to have. The flying car may be a bit of a stretch but we did put a man on the moon so this nation has always dream big and we shouldn’t let those dreams be stomped of by greedy business men.

Solar Panels

Imagine the day when we can use the sun to power our homes, well that day already happen. If I told you I could power your house with a panel that absorbs the sun would you try it out? Well in several states they thought it would be worth it but yet again some one else realized that this would not be good for profits.

In Nevada, lobbyist have mange to convince congress to set a limitation on how much of this energy is allowed to be used and will enforce punishment if the limits are exceeded. Again we are putting a cap on the progress of Americas future. We can not under estimate the hold major companies have on congress. Our future are being shaped by greedy businesses that do not care what the side affects of their actions will do to future generations. If we continue this path, we will fall behind even more nations as places like Japan and South Africa used renewable resources as the key to their future. We must accept change in order to allow innovation to prosper.

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