5 Reason Why You Should Start your own Business.

Do you want to be your own boss or are you going to continue to sell you lifespan away? Now, there is nothing wrong with working under some one if you are doing something you enjoy. But wouldn’t it be nice to make your own hours and keep all the profits. If you need more convincing I give you 5 solid reason why you should start you own business.

1. Economic Growth

Did you know that 99% of jobs in America come from small business according to the SBA. Think about that because these people had a dream they have cause the building of the U.S. current job industry. Small business do thrive and this just proves how much it does.

2. Money, Money, Money

Now, you may not be the next Bill Gates but who needs that much money anyways. If you create a company you take in all the profits. There is only so much you will make working for someone else but this route makes you profit margin unlimited. Start small and work your way up.

3. On Your Time

Some of us just struggle to show up on time for work.  We don’t mean it but it does happen. However, if you had your own set up then the only one accountable is you. You set your schedule the way you want it an no missing out on some ones birthday because you had to go to work.

4. Future Generations

Money is power and that fact will ever change. If you start a business and past it down to you children you are handing them the power to live their own life. Their has always been discrimination against certain groups and political ideas and your job can effect you from truly expressing yourself out of fear.  Owning a business is freedom from outside forces making you silent or threating you out of a job.

5. Working For Yourself

If you are work under someone else’s project you are furthering their dream. That can be a beautiful or discouraging thought depending on what type of work you do. However, what about your own dream. No matter who you are everyone has a dream at some point in their lives but only certain people will reach for it. You should strive to leaving your own mark in this world because then you can past on what you have started to your children and so on. You just need to set a small goal over and over until one day you look up an notice the company you have build.

I too have decided to start my own business here are pictures of my work. I might be starting small but I am dreaming big. Check me out on Esty #ShineBrightlyDesign

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