Was Being a College Athlete the Right Choice ?

Being a professional athlete for many is a dream job, but overall it is a one in a million chance that many are willing to fight for.  Yet in our society we greatly encourage children to work as hard as they can to have a shot.  Now days the chance of getting a sport scholarship is reasonable depending on the sport and area.  But then the next question is are they going to give you enough to make it worth it?LSU

Just think about it, the amount of money your parents put into your uniform, shoes, equipment, transportation, clubs, and tournaments. With all the money you put into it, you basically start in debt with spending hoping for the child to become a college athlete.  Don’t forget the biggest thing you give up which is your time.  For most sports you’re expected to give to give 2-3 hrs. of your time throughout the week per day.  So you have at least 10 hrs. required from you at whatever age you start. However, this is just the bare minimum.

If you want to be able to get a scholarship with a good offer you will probably be doing at least 20 more extra hours on your own time.  At the end of the day it’s almost like a full time job that you don’t get paid for and don’t forget about the part where you can get injury for pushing yourself to the limits like your coach asked you too.

Now you need to pay for your surgery and live with the pain if you continue to practice which may lead to long term injury.  Just think about all the injury high school students you know about and how it effects their life.  I know you have at least heard of concussions, too many of those and you a mentally affected of life.

The other option you have is working.  It is pretty common to have a part-time job in high school.  It teaches you life skills and gives you the feeling of your first pay check.  Also it’s a good way to save up money.  Depending on what you want to do you can apply for internship.  You might have a fun job but most may get stuck in a 9 an hour at a fast food places.  So you would be getting 300 a pay check it you are only doing 20 hours a week.   Because you are a college student your boss will probably be flexibly with your schedule.  In addition to getting your first job, you build a resume for future employers.

Now you will be working your whole life so most people will tell you that sports is the better way to go about it but is it really.  The strain of going to practice and playing good enough to keep your spot and scholarship is a demanding way of life.  To know if you are not good enough all those years of practice result in nothing.  Sports are one of the very few things that people spend years on knowing their body will not be able to keep up.  Unlike studying something else like science for 10 yrs. a week that knowledge will stay with you and give you many choices later in life.  In the end you have to choose whether you want to feed your mind or your body.

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